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We're proud of our children and that their parents say such wonderful things about Stanhope Day Nursery. Below are just a sample of what our parents have said about the nursery and its staff.

Stanhope House was the 2nd nursery I visited, during my first weeks in Leicester, following an international move to a place I didn't know, without a job or house, family or friends nearby, about to become a parent. From that first brief visit, I knew that this was where I wanted my child to come, and that everything would be great. The importance of the early years experiences and environment cannot be measured, but I know this much, over 4 years later: my son knows joy, knows care and love, knows how to communicate with adults and children alike, how to share and explain ideas and dreams, to work in a team, to recognise when its not about him, to help and support others, to play like its the only thing that matters, and to ask questions to help him understand. And, I know its not because of me. All I did was visit..
I've sent two small, unremarkable infants to Stanhope. So far, they sent back a fabulous person fully engaged in the world who is bursting with joy, resilience, kindness and questions. I'm waiting to see about the second, but its looking good so far...
The staff at Stanhope House are so wonderful its almost worth having another child to send there. Almost.
The staff at Stanhope House are so wonderful its almost worth re-training as a nursery nurse. Almost. These are the people with power and influence over the future.
Stanhope is a lovely welcoming nursery, the staff are so friendly and caring and always go the extra mile to ensure your child is happy. There are always many fun (and educational) activities taking place for the children to get involved in. I would highly recommend Stanhope House
We first decided to look at Stanhope Day House Nursery because of outstanding recommendations from work colleagues and our minds were made up by a visit to the nursery when Ruairí was only four weeks old. We were given a tour by Ruth, the nursery manager, and immediately felt that this was the place we could confidently entrust with the care of our baby boy.
Eleven months later when Ruairí started at Stanhope our decision was vindicated by the nursery’s willingness to accommodate Ruairí's allergy to cow's milk protein by adapting the food served to him whilst ensuring his menu remained similar to the other childrens'. Ruth, and Ruairí's key workers, have worked with us to reintroduce cow's milk; just one of the ways Stanhope takes into consideration childrens' individual needs.
Our second son, Ciarán, is registered to start at the nursery when he's 11 months – he’s already familiar with Stanhope cuddles – and we take comfort in the peace of mind that comes with knowing our children are in such a caring place.

Prospectus & Applications

If you are interested in a place at the nursery please download pdfour prospectus and  docour application form to complete an application to join and contact the nursery manager to visit.

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