Closure of nursery due to the COVID-19 virus

It is very sad to say that due to the current Government legislation the nursery will close for the majority of children and only be open for children of ‘Key workers’ from 23rd March 2020

This means that the most of our children will be leaving and waiting due to the uncertain situation, not knowing when their child can return and be back with their friends.

The Nursery will continue to update parents and will carry on with measures to protect against the spread of the virus and the advise from the Government remains that children are less susceptible.

Indeed the Chief Medical officer has said that this guidance is about protecting the wider population and older family members rather than the children specifically.

Be aware this is an unprecedented situation and the nursery understands the disruption will have on our parents. But with your help we must follow the Government guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The nursery will regularly update parents of the situation and we are hoping that over the next few weeks we will be able to look at providing parents with websites that provide free activities and resources to support them while they remain at home.

Thank you to all your kind words of support at this difficult time.

Keep checking the website for the latest news.