nuersery one stanhope leicesterThe aim of Stanhope House Day Nursery Leicester is to provide a happy and secure environment for the children in our care, with the help of a curriculum which is stimulating physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

We pride ourselves on our capacity to respond to each child individually, according to his or her own needs and rate of development.



 Here are the things that we think help to make Stanhope House Day Nursery different:

  • We pride ourselves on the high quality of care that we deliver.
  • We have a flexible approach.
  • We provide a family atmosphere.

We do our best to ensure that all the staff and children are fair to each other and to themselves and that the nursery is characterised by an atmosphere of mutual trust and encouragement.

In short, at Stanhope House Day Nursery, Leicester, we want what's best for all concerned and strive to make the first few years of your child's life as happy, secure and stimulating as possible - with lots of fun and laughter mixed in.

Prospectus & Applications

If you are interested in a place at the nursery please download our prospectus and our application form to complete an application to join and contact the nursery manager to visit.

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