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Stanhope House Day Nursery

Newsletter Issue 39

Winter 2018/19           10p per issue

Staff Update

This year we say goodbye to Kj who has decided to become a stay at home mum, we wish her all the best.

We also say congratulations to Juhi who had a baby boy on November 29th, both are doing well.



The refurbishment has been put on hold over the Christmas period but will commence again next year.



The nursery’s conditions of Service have been updated. Copies are available from the Office.


October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have raised over £256 beating last year’s total.

Thank you to everyone for your donations/contributions.


Christmas extravaganza

On the 8th December, the nursery held their fourth weekend Christmas extravaganza. Rooms were decorated and stalls provided fun games and attractions. There were prizes for tombola and ‘guess where Santa lives?’ as well as tea, coffee and cakes and ‘lucky dip’. We had visitors from the current nursery register and also from the past who were able to reminisce with a visit down memory lane.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped us raise over £620.00 towards new toys and equipment for the nursery.



Stuck for ideas for a birthday or festivity! Ask the staff in your child’s room for suggestions. Staff continuously observe your child throughout the day and can help with ideas. Whether an ‘activity cause and effect’ toy, an ‘interest’ or ‘small world play’, please ask.


Wet weather

A reminder to all parents to provide your child with Wellington boots and a waterproof/warm coat, hat and gloves now Winter is here as we will still go outside and we wantthem to be able to enjoy the outdoor area to its fullest.

Please name all items.





Topical item

Signing fun

Research has shown that teaching signing skills inclusively can help children to become more self-confident, self-disciplined and more energised in their learning. No other age group benefits more from signing more than babies and young children.

Signing can:

  • Reduce frustration, because babies can communicate their needs
  • Strengthen the bond between baby and parent
  • Help children to speak earlier than usual
  • Help to develop a wider vocabulary
  • Lead to a higher than average literacy level

Many signs are iconic, meaning they look like the word they are supposed to represent. E.g. ‘sleep’ is demonstrated with closing the eyes; one says ‘drink’ by pretending to drink from a cup. Other signs have strong associations ‘red’ is associated with ‘lips’, ‘rabbit’ with ‘ears’, ‘walk’ with two fingers ‘walking’.

The constant repetition of signs will help babies to understand words. They will be storing them in their brain, ready for the moment when they start using their hands to sign and their voices to speak. It is never too late to learn.

Visit for more information or visit to find out about baby signing classes in your area.


Activity fun and games

Using the attached sheet of signs you can begin to sign with your child, encourage an older brother or sister to sign along; this will build the starting blocks to communication between siblings.

More signs are available from the staff in the baby room, N1 and N2.


Silly songs and rhyme time

Nursery Rhymes may seem old-fashioned, but these silly songs and poems are gold mines when it comes to boosting your child’s verbal and literacy skills!

Children enjoy hearing these rhymes so much as they are short little metered poems that are easy to remember. Learning nursery rhymes is good for children and helps them to learn language.

During a child’s first five years of life there is massive language development taking place. The more language babies hear during this period of development, the better students they will be later on.

Suggested reading and resource:

‘This little Puffin’ - compiled by Elizabeth Matterson.

A treasury of nursery rhymes, songs and games.

Resources –

We always welcome paper for drawing etc such as listing paper/computer paper. If any parents have waste paper for the children to use for drawing etc. it would be very welcome.

As usual if anyone wants to contribute to our newsletter, whether it be an amusing anecdote, a serious article, recipes, activities you and your children have enjoyed, a special book or anything else you can think of please pass on to Ruth who will make sure it is included in the next addition.

Parents can also send contributions by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A few simple signs you can try at home



     (Up and down)



(up and down movement)



     (Tap twice)



(Flat hand onto

Clenched fist)



     (Tap twice)



(One or both hands may be used)



(Two fingers move towards mouth)


Bed or to sleep



(Hand shaped like cup towards mouth)


Thank you

(Short movement)



(Long movement)

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