We’re proud of our children and that their parents say such wonderful things about Stanhope House Day Nursery. Below are just a sample of what our parents have said about the nursery and its staff.

Stanhope is a wonderful nursery. Ruth and Sherri do a great job running the nursery and all the nursery nurses are really helpful, attentive and caring. They all work hard to support the children as individuals, taking each child’s needs and interests into account. It is very reassuring seeing how much the children like all the staff. During her time there, our daughter grew from being a baby to a confident, polite, happy and well-informed girl ready to start school. Stanhope made our job as parents so much easier by supporting, or at times taking the lead, in areas such as potty training, writing and learning to eat with a knife and fork. We all felt sad when our daughter left Stanhope to go to school. We are very pleased that our son has now started at Stanhope as we know they will help give him a great start to life.

Lorna & Fred Muskett

Rudi’s time at Stanhope nursey was excellent.  He was really well nurtured and cared for by the dedicated team.  Overall, Rudi and ourselves will look back on his time with real fondness knowing it gave him an excellent start in life and was great preparation for School.  A big thanks to all the staff at Stanhope!

Marguerita and Ian Morley–Synclere

Stanhope is a fantastic nursery.  Its relaxed atmosphere belies the immense amount of organisation, thought and creativity that goes into the care they provide.  We have been delighted with how quickly our two children settled after moving from a nursery in London and how happy and secure they have been made to feel at Stanhope in the year since.  They are always met with big cuddles in the morning and we are continually impressed with how all the staff not only show great kindness and affection but also really engage with and build on their ideas and interests.

Zoe and James Campbell

It hasn’t been an easy decision to leave Stanhope as they have both loved the last 2 years and made some real bonds both with staff and other children. They have both developed real personalities and independence from one another and we have always been impressed with the care they have been given, and the amount of individual treatment they have received despite being twins. We have always been keen for them to be individuals and you and your staff have ensured they are supported to develop their own likes and dislikes which has been a pleasure to see. They’ve learnt to walk, talk and play at Stanhope and their capacity to learn new things has been fantastic to watch. Hopefully we will stay in touch and pop back every now and then to say hi. It feels like such an end of an era – they were so small not so long ago!

Tara and Neil Chakraborti

To start there is not enough words to show my gratitude and thanks to Stanhope day nursery, my daughter went there from when she was 1 year old right up until she went to school, all the staff from the managers, nursery nurses, cook and cleaner were so caring and wanted the best for all the children, also there was  consistency with staff. My daughter loved her time there and she has grown to a loving, confident and funny child and this was with the support of all at Stanhope day nursery! I would recommend this nursery all day long!

Anne-Marie, Richard & Scarlett

Prospectus & Applications

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