We’re proud of our children and that their parents say such wonderful things about Stanhope House Day Nursery. Below are just a sample of what our parents have said about the nursery and its staff.

Stanhope is a wonderful nursery. Ruth and Sherri do a great job running the nursery and all the nursery nurses are really helpful, attentive and caring. They all work hard to support the children as individuals, taking each child’s needs and interests into account. It is very reassuring seeing how much the children like all the staff. During her time there, our daughter grew from being a baby to a confident, polite, happy and well-informed girl ready to start school. Stanhope made our job as parents so much easier by supporting, or at times taking the lead, in areas such as potty training, writing and learning to eat with a knife and fork. We all felt sad when our daughter left Stanhope to go to school. We are very pleased that our son has now started at Stanhope as we know they will help give him a great start to life.

Lorna & Fred Muskett

Stanhope has given the absolute best start in life to our baby girl. She started at 7 months and although far from the nearest nursery, Stanhope came highly recommended. We visited several nurseries closer to our home but as soon as we set foot in Stanhope, there was absolutely no doubt in our mind that this was the place for our daughter, even if it meant a much longer daily walk. We never regretted our choice: Stanhope has exceptional standards of care and professionalism and is incredibly friendly and trustworthy. Our daughter had special diet requirement and we were impressed how Stanhope met every single one of our requests and went the extra mile to adapt to our child as an individual and how the team communicated with us whenever there was a doubt or a question. This was priceless for us. Our daughter key person was fabulous and inspired trust from the start. The whole team was also extremely friendly and trustworthy and it was obvious that they all knew and cared for our baby. The thorough daily  reports gave us extra peace of mind although we only needed to see how happy she was to go to Stanhope every day to know it was the perfect place for her.  We cannot recommend Stanhope highly enough as they have given our daughter the best start in her independent, social and learning life!

Marion, Matthew & Mila

Prospectus & Applications

If you are interested in a place at the nursery please download our prospectus and our application form to complete an application to join, and please also contact the nursery manager to arrange a visit.