Caterpillars to butterflies

week 4 Wednesday 24th July

It is with great excitement although a little sad to say goodbye to our butterflies.

We have watched them grow as caterpillars, to turning into chrysalids before emerging into beautiful butterflies.

The children had the wonderful opportunity of holding the butterflies and watching them walk over their hands before taking flight, with lots of ‘Ooooh’ and ‘Aaarhs’ and big smiles.

They will be missed as they have become a part of the children’s nursery daily life.

week 3 Friday 19th July

Now the butterflies have all emerged we have provided them with pieces of fruit and sugar water to sip to grow strong. Hopefully, if the weather is fine on Monday we are hoping to set them free. I’ll keep you all posted.

week 3 Thursday 18th July

Wow. What an exciting morning. We arrived this morning just as two of the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and made their way to the edge of the net.

About an hour later a third started to emerge and we managed to catch it on film. It was amazing to see the tiny butterfly struggle its way out and watch it stretch its wings for the first time.

week 3 Monday 15th July

All the chrysalides have fully formed. We have carefully opened the cup and removed the lid on which they are attached. After removing any silk thread we have inserted the lid into the slot of the stand and have placed it into the net hatching habitat near the side of the mesh.

Ooops! some of our chrysalides had fallen to the bottom of the cup, but we need not worry as we have scooped them up, removed any silk around them and placed on a paper towel close to the wall of the habitat. Now we have to wait for the magic to happen. I’ll keep you posted.

Week 2 Wednesday 10th July –

Overnight some of the caterpillars have climbed to the top of the tub and have turned into chrysalides. Others are hanging from the paper disk at the top in a ‘j’ shape under the lid. This is the step when they shed their exoskeleton one last time (five times in total!) before they pupate (become chrysalides).

Week 2 Monday 8th July –

Over the weekend the caterpillars have more than tripled in size and munching away through their food which is at the bottom of the tub. The children are fascinated watching them move and wiggle around.

Week 1 Wednesday 3rd July –

week 1 – 01.07.19

Last year as a leaving present from one of our parents we have the opportunity of the donation of caterpillars. The fascinating larval phase of metamorphosis takes about 7 to 14 days when we can watch our caterpillars eat and grow to more than 10 times their original size! Before climbing to the top of the cup and hardening into chrysalides. When they emerge as butterflies the children can feed them sweetened water before letting them go into the environment.

By adding just a bit of nature into the children’s lives enhances feelings of contentment and belonging as well as a sense of wonder and excitement.

Visit our posts and news regularly to keep updated how they grow and change over the coming weeks.

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