Caterpillars to butterflies 2020

week 4

Day 25 Saturday 4th July – Independence day…….

Weather permitting today our butterflies were released. We had to make sure that it wasn’t raining and not too windy.

Carefully the butterflies were gently encouraged to crawl onto the hand before moving them from their habitat.

The butterflies, called Painted Lady, were then moved to nearby plants so that they could acclimatise to their new environment before flying away to start the cycle again.

Remember, butterflies are an important and helpful members of our environment. We wish them all the best.

A word about Painted Lady butterflies…..
Painted Lady butterflies are the most widely distributed butterfly species in the world, making their home on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.
They are also extremely resourceful butterflies, able to live in a variety of
environments, like marshes, mountains, fields and forests.
If you live in a suburban or urban area, don’t worry – the Painted Lady is a
migrating butterfly and can fly thousands of miles to find food.
Once released, your butterflies can often be seen for several days in the vicinity, especially if you have butterfly-attracting blooms in your garden.